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Winter is coming…but do not fear!

Winter is coming and it’s getting colder and darker outside…but imagine being able to turn your heating and lighting on and off remotely through your smartphone. With LT Smart products you can control your whole home from one easy to use app. From light switches, smart thermostats, CCTV cameras and lighting PIR’s, they have it all covered.

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New Hager USB double sockets available!

New Hager double sockets with built in USB charger modules available at G&R Electrical! These sockets come with 2x 5vdc 2.4A max USB type A charging ports and 2x 13A socket outlets. Replace your existing sockets and be able to power your smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that require a standard USB type A charging cable without the added clumpy USB charging blocks. Pop in to one of our branches or contact us to find out more or to receive a free quotation


A revolutionary hassle free connector that will make any tapelight installation a quick and simple task.
With the Quick Clip there is no requirement to strip the connecting wire, simply place the wire into the Quick Clip and clamp shut. The same with the tapelight, with the Quick Clip, simply cut the tapelight at the cutting point, insert into clip and clamp shut.
The Quick Clip grips both the tapelight and connection wire giving a perfect connection that is strong and secure, no more flickering light from loose connections! No more soldering! No more hassle!
Available in 2-Pin (Single Colour), 3-Pin (Digital), 4-Pin (RGB) and 5-Pin (RGBW)

We are now stocking Nest home automation products!

G&R Electrical are proud to announce we are now a stockist of Nest! Nest are producers of high quality home automation products including smoke detectors, thermostats and CCTV cameras. All of their products are App enabled and are self-learning to your existing home or business Wifi. Founded in 2010 by 2 former Apple engineers, Nest have grown vastly in the past 7 years and are now a well known brand to many home owners and electrical installers.

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Ambient LED Lighting At China Fleet Country Club’s New Spa

Another successful project was completed with the aid of G&R Electrical recently, as we took on the challenge of providing stunning new lighting for the China Fleet Country Club in Saltash. The Cornish club had just added a new spa to its large list of facilities and it was up to G&R to provide some high quality and beautiful ambient LED lighting.

We were approached by a contractor in the form of Darren Stansbury, of Plymouth based SES Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd, who was working on this exciting new project at the China Fleet Country Club. SES Mechanical needed our top quality supplies and assistance in giving the new spa stunning ambient LED lighting that would really set the mood and impress clients and members of the prestigious club in Saltash.

Creating An Atmosphere Of Relaxation with LED Lighting

Like any other health and beauty spa, China Fleet needed to create an atmosphere of sophistication, relaxation and beauty for their new facility, due to open soon in time for Valentine’s Day. Naturally, lighting plays a large role in setting the scene for clientele looking for some TLC and to unwind, and G&R were able to provide the perfect LED light installations to make this new spa the perfect place to escape from stress. We were more than pleased with the results and we’re confident the China Fleet Country Club visitors will love it too.

In order to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation we chose gentle led lights in relaxing shades such as blue to help relieve the spa goer’s stresses and avoid overpowering their senses. Lights were fitted upon the ceilings, walls and alongside the relaxing features of the spa, including the hot tub and beds. Blue lighting has even been fitted within panes of glass for a soothing effect on stressed out clients. The interior design of the entire spa, including the exclusive lighting we selected for it, is optimised to make those that enter feel instantly relaxed. It’s also modern and highly stylish.

LED Lighting Perfect For Every Business

The results speak for themselves, but G&R Electrical and our partner SES Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd were extremely proud of this project. It demonstrates the best of what we offer here at G&R, in particular our stunning range of stylish led lighting that can be used for all kinds of properties and business, including ambient mood lighting used at the China Fleet Country Club Spa.

Visit the new China Fleet Country Club Spa due to open very soon and come and see an example of all the high quality and stylish lighting we can provide for your business. If you like what you see, please contact our sales team and we’ll do our absolute best to make your ambitions a reality!

Colour Changing Lights At Plymouth Fountain

As Plymouth lighting specialists, G&R Electrical Wholesalers was approached by E-Serve Electrical Contractors to quote and help design a colour changing lights system for the Plymouth City Council fountain. The San Sebastian fountain is situated on the main walkway from the city centre to the Plymouth Hoe on Princess Street, and was certainly in need of some colour to deliver a real impact.

Our first task was to proceed to the site and investigate the pond with a view to installing our wholesale colour changing lights. The existing wiring and junction boxes from the previous lighting system were waterlogged and needed to be removed, while two of the existing water pumps were defective and in need of replacement.

Our team discovered there was insufficient cabling running from the control cabinet across the road and this was the first task we tackled. We were seven cores short on the amount required for our colour changing lights system, but after discovering an unused tube which fed directly to the control cabinet and sourcing a 1.0mm 7core rubber h07 cable, we eventually managed to fit it down the tube with a bit of extra help from some cable lubrication.

Water Rated Colour Changing LED Lights

When it came to the colour changing lights, we noticed a single fixing point on the side of each water jet and managed to locate a 6w colour changing LED fitting, complete with an ip68 submersible water rating. The fittings are made from high marine grade 316L stainless steel to ensure longevity and, more importantly, we were able to mount these straight onto the fountain jets.

We were able to keep the costs down by having close links with the manufacturers in China, who made the fittings to our specification. Finally, the e-serve team wired the fittings together with ip68 connectors and junction boxes using a water-proofing gel compound to ensure no water ingress.

Colour Changing Lights Delivered On Time And On Budget

The job, which also involved sourcing some replacement pumps for the system, which E-serve fixed in to place with a uni-strut system, was finished to contract and on time, ready for the colour changing lights to be unveiled to the council.

Have you got an LED lighting project you’d like assistance with? Here at G&R Electrical Wholesalers we’re lighting specialists, happy to help with any project, big or small. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our services and to obtain a free quote.

Low Energy Lighting At New Continental Hotel

Low Energy Lighting For Plymouth Businesses

At the heart of our business is a respect of and desire to protect the environment, so we’re passionate about providing the best low energy lighting to Plymouth, Redruth and the South West region. One G&R Electrical Wholesalers latest projects as energy saving suppliers was at the New Continental Hotel, Plymouth, where the maintenance team were looking to save energy, time and money.

After many site visits and tours of the hotel, we began to change the light from Halogen to LED low energy lighting. We started with the main ballroom, which contained both Chandelier and wall lighting both containing 40w SES cable. After looking at the dimming aspects and light levels required, we decided to use Phillips 4w LED dimmable candles which complemented the fittings and performed brilliantly.

We then moved on to the smaller ballroom, which contained large ornate wall lights, harbouring money-draining 150w halogen lamps. The challenge here was to retain the required light output and limited room available within the fitting. We settled for a 26w ES 3000k LED corn style low energy lighting, which in turn were not only more aesthetically pleasing, but the New Continental can now enjoy huge energy savings and maintenance free lighting for years to come.

Corridors Presented A Different Low Energy Lighting Challenge

Next was the turn of the corridors, and our task was to change the 28w 2D florescent lamp to LED alternatives. Alongside the money saving efficiency the LED low energy lighting alternative offers we decided to use microwave technology to reduce these costs further, due to the corridors being unoccupied the majority of the time. We reduced the 28w 2d florescent lamps to 16w LED trays, in a self-dimming emergency version and this helped two-fold as it also enabled us to remove the existing unsightly emergency lighting.

The self-dimming fitting gives a huge energy advantage as when the corridor is unoccupied the fitting will automatically dim to 10% or 2watts. These fittings will not turn off completely so there is no need for the hotel to endure the harsh upstart of a fitting.

Rooms were the next target, where we substituted the 50w GU10 Halogen lamps for 6w 4000k Megaman LED low energy lighting, giving the rooms a more inviting ambience. The table lamps also benefited from an upgrade to 7.5w ES LED GLS Lamps.

Saving Money Through Low Energy, Low Maintenance Lighting

This energy-saving trend continued throughout the remainder of the hotel and so far, just in lighting alone, the New Continental has reduced their energy output by a massive 55%, equating to an annual saving of £30,000 on their energy bills.

If you’re interested in learning more about our low energy lighting services in Devon and Cornwall, read about our wholesale lighting and supplies packages today and contact us for a no obligation quote.